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This is about the cutest thing ever!

The Cat Window Bed is a must-have for cat lovers. Let your cat nap in style and dream away in comfort. This is great for bird watching! Place the bed in locations around the house and at heights that your cat would ordinarily not be able to see or rest in. This creates great enrichment to your cat’s life.



The pod-like hanging cat bed can be attached effortlessly to any window glass through the use of strong suction cups. These can support weights of up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds). Each cat bed comes with a mat that can be placed inside the hanging bed for additional comfort and warmth during the winter.



To install the pod, please clean glass surfaces beforehand and make sure that the suction cups are dust-free. Press them firmly against the glass until there’s no air between the two surfaces. If you’re facing difficulties with the installation, dip the suction cups in hot water until the plastic softens a bit.


Cat Window Bed



Each order contains one pod-like hanging cat bed, one mat, three suction cups, six wooden beads, and three fixing rods

The pod is crafted from fine but durable felt

The mat has two faces – one side being lambskin and the other being soft oxford fabric

All fabrics are breathable and washable



Bearing Capacity: 13kg

Size: 67.8 x 28 cm / 26.7x 11 in

Color: Beige


Package Includes: 1 x Cat Window Bed


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Is Smart Device






Bearing Capacity

Within 13kg





Product name

Cat bed


Window Cat Hammock


Pet Hanging Beds

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30 reviews for Cat Window Bed

  1. A***s

    I’m very happy with this product. More important, my cat is happy. After all, she’s the one who counts around here. We’ve had it for about 3 wks. As anyone owned by a cat knows, they can be finicky. Either they will like it, dislike it or, like mine, be cautious and wary at first, but then content.

    *1- Suction cups are sturdy and do not slip. I followed another reviewer’s advice to clean both the window and cups with alcohol.
    As with all suction cups I use, I recommend you push on them occasionally to check adherence (especially with temperature changes).
    Mind you, my cat does not jump into this bed because she is skittish. I have a chair next to it and she steps into it for now.

    *2- The bed itself is constructed out of a sturdy form covered with a heavy, canvas-like material (almost like a strong dog toy) and it does not hold on to fur. I’ll just vacuum occasionally. It is spot-clean only.

    *3- It is wide (from end to end). If your cat is long or enjoys stretching out, this will be a positive.

    *4- Easy to move from window to window or, as I plan to do, advance the height at which it’s placed as my cat adjusts to it. My windows come down almost to the floor. I have started it very low to let her acclimate to it.

    *1- It is made so that the cat is directly against the window (no edge between cat and glass). While this allows for maximum viewing, the window will be cold in the winter unless in strong sunlight and is already hot in the afternoon here. My kitty prefers to get out of it in the heat of the day and return after it cools down. Be aware that if you have it positioned low, dogs and people on the outside may spook your cat.

    *2- The inner removable pad is flimsy and will hold shedding fur. I won’t waste the time to wash. I’ll just replace with something more practical (and comfy.)

    *3- The width from the window to the back of bed is quite narrow. This is not a problem for my tiny girl (5.5 lbs). I’ve seen pics of larger cats enjoying it but if yours is large and prefers to curl up, this may not be a winner for him/her.

    ***Important–Measure your windows!!! Make allowance for the edges of the suction cups, which extend past the bed’s length. Others have detailed the exact dimensions in question section. It is longer than it appears. Many thanks to another reviewer for pointing this out.
    ***Please do not use attached to auto window. Your cat could easily be injured, killed or lost during an accident. Not worth the cute factor.

    I hope this is helpful, as I appreciate the reviews of others and use them to make informed choices. Have a great day!

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  2. W***r

    It took 1 month for the first kitten to start using it. It took 2 months for the second kitten to adopt it. Fortunately they both eventually learned to enjoy it. I am pretty impressed with the suction cups. I’ve only used it on windows that do not get direct sunlight. I’m concerned the direct sun will cause the suction to fail while the kittens are in it and scare them from ever using it again. I’ve had that problem with other devices that use window suction cups. If I put it on a direct sun window and it doesn’t fall I’ll up the stars to 5.

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  3. A***n

    This is such a brilliant idea. Our kitten is able to not only get up away from our 2 year old but can also squirrel watch. I sprayed a little catnip on the fabric bedding and he jumped right in. He now goes in all by himself and spends a lot of time in there. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a cat. Very secure and strong.

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  4. Customer

    I wanted something for my cat that would allow her to have a great view of outside, feel cozy (she likes to be inside things, under covers), and not take up tons of space. This is pretty cool, but she wouldn’t use it at first. It took about 2-3 weeks before I saw her in it. Now she uses it a good bit. I wish it came in other colors though. Beige is just kinda blah. The suction cups seem strong. I’m scared of it falling while she is in it, but so far so good. I check it often and it still seems strongly stuck to the window.

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  5. S****y

    One of my roommates had one of these and my cat loved it. I bought another when I moved out, and yep, she still loves it. The shape seems much more comfortable than the window platforms. The pad will eventually wear out or get torn up, but a piece of blanket material makes an easy replacement. The suction cups are pretty strong and easy to apply, just make sure the window is clean. We did have some trouble with it falling off with a heavy maine coon mix, but for most cats it’s great.

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